Full synopsis

Act 1

Local reporter Cillian Sullivan is not happy. Sent out early one morning to investigate a meteorite crash site, he stumbles across a host of UFO hunters. They find no evidence of a crash site, but clues that something else may have landed.

Bill Wilde, a retired stage hypnotist, has discovered that something – and he’s taken it home. The strange object, which seems to be sentient, analyses him and sends a small probe out, which Bill swallows. Bill’s personality changes, and he has the urge to rekindle his old stage show with his stage partner, Ben West.

Cillian strikes up a closer bond with his brother-in-law, Mark, a UFO geek. He also reunites father and son Ufologist legends, Ken and Paul Williams, after a long-running family feud.

Sensing that they might be onto a big story, Cillian plays it down at work. He believes he can make a big splash in the national newspapers. Cillian returns to the woods to investigate. All the birds and animals have fled from the scene. He also finds a small glob of solidified goop that the UFO hunters missed.

Meanwhile, Bill and Ben agree to get their show on the road again. They invite Cillian to a preview in the hope of coverage in the local newspaper, but, during the show, Cillian becomes delirious. He starts muttering the same phrase repeatedly, in many languages. Leisha, Cillian’s wife, takes Cillian to Mark, who calls in Ken and Paul to investigate.

Act 2

Ken and Paul sedate Cillian and figure out what he is saying. They scan Cillian’s brain and discover he may have ADHD.

Leisha starts to act in a strange manner. She develops amazing perceptive skills and enhanced knowledge overnight.

Mark analyses the goop that Cillian found in the woods. He makes the link to exotic-antimatter that could only come from a wormhole.

Cillian and Paul try to figure out what Ben and Bill are up to. They go to the theatre where Cillian spots the mysterious object backstage. Paul hides spy cameras at the back of the stage to see if they are doing anything that might have caused Cillian’s strange episode.

Leisha, at work, appears to be infecting other members of staff with the enhance knowledge thing that she has going on.

That evening, Cillian immediately notices the change in Leisha’s personality. He and Paul trick her into trying out Paul and Ken’s brain scanning equipment. They discover something strange happening in her head, as if a small part of her brain is missing. Leisha complains of a headache and goes for a walk to clear her head.

Cillian, Mark, Paul and Ken watch Bill and Ben’s show from the hidden cameras. They catch sight of the object and puzzle over what it might be. Cillian realises that Leisha hasn’t returned. They track her to Bill’s house.

When they arrive, they find Leisha along with many people from the audience of the previous night’s show and Leisha’s workplace. They are all in a hypnotic trance. Like zombies, they turn on our heroes, forcing them to retreat and find another way in.

Bill and Ben have also met with calamity, with one of the people selected to come up on stage dies on them. Ben has growing suspicions of Bill’s motives and decides to quit. Bill takes Ben hostage, controlling his mind and taking him back to his house.

Bill’s house is an old farm, with a big, old barn behind it. The hypnotised people, including Leisha, all march into the barn as Cillian and the gang watch on. A strange green glow appears inside the barn. Cillian and Paul pretend to be part of the hypnotised group to get to Leisha but find themselves trapped. Mark and Ken assist, and they escape with Leisha.

Ben manages to escape with them, and they go to Mark’s lab where they try to figure out what is going on. They have rendered Leisha unconscious. They suspect that there is mind control and telekinesis going on.

Back at the barn, Bill oversees the transformation of the hypnotised people into cocoons.

Ken and Mark realise that Leisha has a small wormhole in her brain. Not only is it sending information to and from the alien’s home world, but it’s also trying to recode her DNA, turning her into an alien.

They rush back to Cillian’s house and try to remove the wormhole using Ken and Paul’s home-made tech. Ken and Paul concoct a secretive plan and they attempt to remove the wormhole. Alas, Ken dies in the effort, but they save Leisha. Paul doesn’t seem too upset at losing his father, which the others find a little odd. They have no time to think about it as they head back to the farm to stop the alien invasion before it’s too late.

Act 3

Back at the farm, the heroes split up. Cillian and Paul attempt to steal the object from Bill so they can destroy it. Leisha, Mark and Ben head for the barn to find out what is going on in there and see if they can rescue anyone.

Before any of them can get there, a protective force-field dome stops them in their tracks. Bill worries that they are vulnerable without support. He brings in reinforcements, which allows our heroes also to get in as well.

Ben, Leisha and Mark discover that the cocoons have already started to hatch. The humans have converted into giant, scary, butterfly-like aliens.

Cillian and Paul manage to get the object, but Bill is one step ahead of them and catches them before they can escape. He locks them up in an old outhouse.

Aliens discover Ben, Leisha and Mark and capture them. Ben discovers he can communicate with the aliens. They knock Mark and Leisha unconscious and take Ben to Bill. The Aliens perceive Ben to be superior, having picked up their language. They appoint Ben their new human contact. Bill becomes hypnotised and follows the other people into the barn. He too becomes a cocoon.

Mark wakes up and spots one of the aliens lurking in the shadows. He realises it’s Ken, who has somehow managed to get himself into an alien body. Ken takes Mark and Leisha to Cillian and Paul.

Reunited, the gang realise that there is little they can do against the aliens. They have nothing to fight them with. Assuming that Bill may have some guns, they concoct a plan to try to break him from his cocoon before he’s fully converted.

Ken-Alien sacrifices himself to help them. They manage to get to Bill before he’s transformed. With some help from Barry, Bill’s dog, they make it to the farmhouse and manage to get some guns. Not to be outdone, the alien object has also furnished the aliens with a few guns. A big gun battle ensues, with Bill and Cillian killing Ben and quite a few aliens.

Bill, realising he is now half-alien, sacrifices himself. He blows up the whole place with some out-of-date fertiliser, thus saving the world and allowing the rest of the gang to escape.